Bonnier Corporation

By Luke Designs

Full-time, on-site UI design, visual design, and more for 10 of their top-rated digital published magazines.


UI and Visual Design that held the privilege of spearheading design efforts for ten of their highly acclaimed digital and printed publications, including Wakeboarding Magazine, Boating Magazine, Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine, Islands Magazine, Latitudes Magazine, Marlin Magazine, Sport Diver Magazine, Sport Fishing Magazine, WaterSki Magazine, and Windsurfing Magazine. In this role, substantial contributions were made to corporate branding, ad designs, typography, photo and video editing, prototypes, media kits, calendars, apparel design, and various other creative endeavors, elevating visual aesthetics and user experiences across the board.

  • Modernized digital publications' visual identity to match brand values.
  • Proficiency in ad design, typography, and photo editing produced unique content.
  • Designed interactive prototypes and media kits to boost user engagement.
  • Delivered creative solutions to meet requirements and strengthen market presence.

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